Wednesday 11 April 2018

Is your country boosting digital services exports?

A couple of weeks ago, together with my colleague Philipp Lamprecht, I presented a webinar on digital services trade. Digital services are the fastest growing component of all types of trade flows since 1995. The gap of growth between exports in digital services and in goods or traditional services has become bigger and bigger over the years.

What explains this observation? Well, some countries are just good at exporting digital services over the internet because of their friendly policies and good digital network environment. If you want to know who is good at exporting digital services, who is under-performing its potential, and why, then watch and listen to this webinar.

For instance, some countries, such as France and Germany, are laying behind their potential to export digital services while others, such as Romania and Ireland are leading in some digital services. Of course, some countries are naturally placed to export services. Yet some of them are precisely still under-performing in digital services relative to their potential.

The webinar explains all these issues. The webinar follows our work on digital services export that we did for the Bertelsmann Foundation. My co-authors were Philipp Lamprecht, Hanna Deringer and Fredrik Erixon. We plan to make a follow-up study to see more clearly what exactly drives this pattern.

Enjoy watching!

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